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what is counselling?

How can it help me?

People seek counselling for a variety of different reasons

Perhaps you are feeling stuck? Feeling life is a mess? Struggling to cope? Experiencing relationship difficulties? Or maybe you just need someone to talk to?

Counselling will provide you with an opportunity to explore your experiences, emotions and problems in a safe and confidential space.

There are a number of different theoretical approaches to counselling. My way of working is person-centred, which is a humanistic approach founded by the psychologist Carl Rogers. As a person-centred therapist, I aim to work alongside you and at your pace, with empathy and without judgement.

Central to my therapeutic approach is my belief that we all have the capacity for growth and change, and I aim to facilitate this by providing an environment in which you are able to acknowledge and explore your feelings and experiences openly and honestly. This can offer relief from emotional distress, as well as increased self awareness and new understanding, which creates an opportunity for positive change.

Research continues to suggest that it is the quality of the relationship between therapist and client that determines the effectiveness of therapy. I view therapy as a collaboration; a relationship, so the creation of a trusting and empathic alliance with my clients is at the heart of my work. It's important to find a counsellor who feels right for you, so don't be afraid to look around and do some research. Further information regarding counselling approaches can be found here.

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